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shy_sacrifice's Journal

Name: Ember
Age: Over 18
e-mail: aylme001@wsgfl.org.uk
AIM: demonfancypants
MSN: detectivegirl@hotmail.co.uk

Name: Simon
Fandom: Lord of the Flies
Timeline: End of chapter 8 - after he's fainted after the vision of the pig's head/ demon/ lord of the flies talking to him
Age: 12 /13
Appearance: Simon is described as having black hair which is presently overgrown. He's short, skinny and pale and has deep blue eyes.
Abilities: Simon doesn't have any particular powers although he does have an ability for very deep thought and almost preminitions of the future but these are not controlled.
Personality: Simon is very quiet. He's also very shy. He doesn't feel a need to be around others and is happy to stay by himself, although he is not anti-social. He enjoys the company of others but it isn't a necessity for him. He's very patient as far as others are concerned and sees the good in people. He doesn't like drawing attention to himself. He's kind hearted and always willing to help others. He's never heard to complain no matter what the circumstances, but he does tend to see things clearer than others and has a talent for recognising people's true feeling or what's really going on under the surface of a situation. He doesn't get easily frightened and is quietly brave. He will quietly come to anyone's aid if they need him and has a respect for all living things and shows kindness towards animals. But he isn't all serious, he also likes to have fun as expected of any boy his age and his smile is often described as 'mischevious'
History: Simon was on a plane being evacuated from England to escape an unknown war along with a group of other school boys, none of them older than him, many of them a lot younger. The plane crashed onto a deserted island and the boys are left to fend for themselves until they can be rescued. The boys turn gradually savage, becoming obsessed with hunting pigs for meat. enforcing rules and punishments. They also think there is a 'beast' on the island that they must hunt and kill. Simon is the only one on the island who does not believe in the beast and is not afraid to leave their shelters after dark. The other boys think of him as strange, describing him as 'batty', but he doesn't seem bothered. He is prone to faints and it is believed he is epileptic. Whilst on the island he often wanders off by himself to a special place he has found which has been untouched, it is beautiful and he calls it his 'special place'. He is often described picking fruit from trees to give to the younger children. Simon quickly realises that the 'beast' is nothing more than the boys' own fear and savagery forming within them, but when he attempts to voice this he backs out, too shy to explain himself.
Simon is in his 'special place' when the others boys hunt a pig and kill it, they cut off it's head as an offering to the 'beast' and put it on a stake in the ground in the middle of Simon's special place. The heat, shock, and smell of the blood cause Simon to faint and he has a vision upon waking of the pigs head talking to him, mocking him and telling him there's no point trying to make the other boys realise the beast is them because they're having too much fun and they'll only think he's mad. The talking pigs head is the Lord of the Flies and it is believed that it is some sort of demon. At the end of this encounter Simon faints. There is no information on Simon's life before the island, only that he was a church choirboy and that the other choir boys shunned and mocked him because of his faints.